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A summary of my experience in lecturing and pedagogy


Courses I have lectured

Poisson and Jacobi Geometry, 2020, Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group

Calculus in Affine Spaces, 2020, SEMF Summer School

Mathematics for Science and Engineering, 2019,2020, University of Edinburgh

Calculus and its Applications, 2019,2020, University of Edinburgh

Several Variable Calculus, 2019,2020, University of Edinburgh

Introduction to Linear Algebra, 2019,2020, University of Edinburgh

Introduction to Category Theory, 2019, SEMF Summer School

Foundations, History and Pedagogy of Linear Algebra

SEMF Summer School Teaching Coordination

As part of my ongoing labour for SEMF, I am responsible for the teaching coordination and quality assurance of the summer school courses. The planning and organization of the SEMF summer schools was my first contribution to the education effort under the association.

Some recordings of my lectures:

  • RG
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
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